Our collaboration

Compass have partnered with WearerTech & Lockhart to offer the best footwear options for all their members of staff.

At WearerTech our mission is to help reduce pain for people who are on their feet all day at work specially focused catering and hospitality staffs. We work with the Knee, Ankle and Foot research centre at Salford University, studying what happens to the body when people are standing on their feet all day at work. With this evidence-based research, we have developed a range of shoes that provide unbeatable comfort all day long, reducing pain and discomfort

The roots of WearerTech started 40 years ago selling clogs to surgeons in operating theatre. We have evolved since then and now we are the only company that designs and creates shoes specifically for chefs. We have a customer panel formed of more than 180 chefs and front of house staff who help us to continually improve our products and to ensure that each product is tested by someone facing the same challenges as you.

Nick Vadis, Compass' Culinary Director

Why you should wear WearerTech shoes?

This is how you can place your order.

Step One: Where the magic happens

1. Visit your dedicated page on Lockhart

Step Two: Pick your favourite style

Select the shoes that suits you. Fancy a clog for their open backs, love the sporty look of a trainer or just want to quickly get to the point with our slip on and slip off shoes? We've got it all!

 Step Three: Pick your insole

This is the stage where you get to personalise and make the shoes as comfortable as you possibly can for you.  Take a look at our insole video below to unveil the secret being the customisation WearerTech's way.

Any questions?

Get in touch by phone on your dedicated helpline 0800 924 7414 or by email, we aim to answer all enquiries in 4 hours.