Wearer Innovation Loop

The science bit

Hold on tight – we’re about to get technical.

Every feature of every WearerTech shoe goes through a cycle of design, refinement, testing and improvement. We call this continuous development process our Wearer Innovation Loop.

This five-stage cycle drives our research and development programme with the University of Salford, and helps us build our understanding of advanced ergonomics. Why? Simple. One thing gets us out of bed in the mornings – and that’s manufacturing shoes that provide unbeatable comfort and support and help reduce pain.

This is how we do it.

Step One: Research

Our research is split across three disciplines: biomechanics, material science, and our understanding of you guys – the chefs and kitchen workers who wear our shoes, day in, day out. The university’s knowledge and evidence-based research in these fields help us develop shoes that relieve the pressure of your physical job.  

Step Two: Product Design

We combine this knowledge and scientific research with our understanding of market trends and new materials to design innovative footwear that’s as comfortable, protective and supportive as it is stylish. It’s very much a team effort, with designers, researchers, sales staff, and management all working together to share ideas.

 Step Three: Product Development

The product development stage is where we begin to transform our prototype designs into affordable, protective shoes and clogs.

Everything we do – from the materials we choose to the soles we produce – combines the research and planning from the previous steps, to produce quality shoes for chefs.

 Step Four: Environmental Testing

Our research doesn’t stop when we go into production. It’s a constant loop – hence the name – of research, feedback, and improvement.

Every feature of every shoe goes through hands-on, down-and-dirty testing in real-world kitchens by real-life chefs like you.

Step Five: Wearer Evaluation

You might think we’d earned a break by now, but no – we continually ask ourselves and our wearers how we can improve our shoes. This feedback helps us understand the physical pressure caused by long shifts on your feet – and make our footwear even better as a result.

 …and repeat

When you choose WearerTech, you know you’re getting shoes that are designed to improve your working life.

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