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Footwear to make your life better

WearerTech shoes have been thoughtfully designed to make your working life that little bit safer, better, and more comfortable.

Our range of professional footwear comes with added science – literally! WearerTech shoes are designed to improve the lives of hardworking chefs and kitchen workers who spend all day on their feet – people just like you.

They combine the science of biomechanics (the way your body works) with material science (the way stuff works).

Every feature of every WearerTech shoe goes through a cycle of design, refinement, testing and improvement. We call this process the Wearer Innovation Loop.

This five-stage development cycle drives our research and development programme and enables us to build our level of understanding of advanced ergonomics, so we can continue to manufacture shoes that provide comfort and support for our hardworking customers. 

WearerTech shoes are put through their paces in real-life kitchens – with all the heat, hygiene and hazards you’re used to. The feedback we get from chefs helps us understand the pressures you’re under from being on your feet, day in, day out – and make our shoes better as a result.

Switched on by science? Turned on by technology? Discover how our Wearer Innovation Loop drives all our WearerTech product development.


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