Behind-the-scenes on how we created the Protect

Behind-the-scenes on how we created the Protect

We've updated the award-winning EziProtekta shoe to make it even better. Read on to find out why, how and what we've improved... 

Why did we decide to change the EziProtekta? 

We've decided to change the product from EziProtekta because following testing with chefs and other hospitality workers in real-life kitchens and we found out that they wanted a much more contemporary and tailored look. This meant that we needed to improve the fitting of the shoe to make it look less bulky and create something special. 

So, we set to create a new shoe which looked more modern and to hide the steel toe cap as well as improve the slip resistance. 

At WearerTech, we recognise that products can be continually improved. From feedback about the EziProtekta, we know that it's a very popular and comfortable shoe, so we've transferred a lot of the comfort elements across from the EziProtekta to the Protect. 

How did we go about making the changes?

Following our discussion with chefs about the changes we should make, we went on a mission to implement these changes... 

First of all, our designers created many concepts to make the shoe look more fitted and modern and came up with ways to make the steel toe cap look less prominent. Once we had agreed on a concept, our product development team turned the design into reality. First, the factories sent us prototypes for us to review and tweak. 

Then, came the stage where we had to get the shoes tested in the real world... 

How did we test the shoes in real-life kitchens? 

Using our customer panel of about 130 wearers, we sent out shoes to a good percentage of our wearers to test the shoes in the kitchen environment to ensure they are as good as they can be. 

Each person recieved their shoes and had to wear them for at least 3-4 weeks before we sent them a feedback questionnaire covering every aspect of the shoe. 

The survey contains questions around the comfort, the support, the width, the length, the appearance of the shoe as well as the slip resistance. 

What were the results from the survey?

  • 83% of those who trialled the Protect shoe would recommend them to a friend
  • After 3-4 weeks of wearing, 2/3 of participants told us that the Protect shoe had reduced their work-related pain or discomfort particularly in the feet, the legs and the lower back. 

And the comments we recieved were...

‘I'm faster, happier, feel far more confident in my footing, and generally feel like a better 'me' in these shoes.’

‘These are genuinely the best feeling shoes I've ever worn in the kitchen. Grip, protection, support, comfort, lightweight...and they look good too. I'm seriously impressed!’

 ‘I used to have pains in my ankles and find these shoes have pretty much eliminated this’

 ‘Haven’t woke up in pain since I've started wearing the shoes’