Do you want to be part of research that is shaping your industry?

Here at WearerTech, we have been and continue to be very surprised and concerned by some of the pain that chefs suffer with and actually accept as part of the job. We believe that a good life full of happiness, positivity and pain-free should be available for everyone regardless of their occupation. Read on to see how you can help us with us (plus you'll get some sneaky benefits for yourself too).

The problems in the industry...

We all know you can't put two people in this industry in a room without the 'chef shortage' subject cropping up. Well, what can be done about itt? One part of this is that those choosing their career are put off by the physical exhaustion and the long hours, and we totally get why. Our research has shown that in a 12 month period, 79% of chefs suffer with pain in their lower back, and 72% suffer pain in their feet. Experienced chefs that have been in the industry are  baling out because they can't cope with this pain. Young chefs hear about these problems and, not suprisingly, it puts some of them off. 

So do you agree something needs to be done about this?

Aches and Pains research in a 12 month period

So... how can you help?

Join our panel of great, hard-working chefs, kitchen porters, front of house staff etc. We use our panel to do research to find out about exactly what happens when you are standing on your feet for long periods of time. We also have a partnership with the University of Salford which allows us to look into the biomechanics of your movements and find out exactly what we can do to reduce the pain and make your working life easier by creating footwear using the latest technology and manufacture shoes that are crazily clever...!

What's in it for me?

Every customer panel member firstly receives an exclusive 20% discount. You also may receive free pairs of shoes or other rewards for taking part in trials and testing. 

One of our valued customer members said, 'We got a free pair of shoes or £10 for taking part in the trial and great discounts for the future.'

Another member said 'The benefit for me are comfortable shoes which make a long 14 hour day much more bearable and not feeling so tired at the end of the day - it can only be a positive!'

How does it feel to be part of this exciting research? Some snippets from the panel:

'It feels quite satisfying to be able to send feedback which will make other chefs more comfortable on their feet during the day.'

'Very exciting, we are on our feet for up to 16 hours a day and we need to look after our feet and posture.'

What sort of things do you get involved with as part of the customer panel? See what other panel members have said:

'Max (one of our researchers) came to each of our five sites and did testing on our kitchen staff'

'I've trialled 2x different shoes for WearerTech'

So where can you sign up?

Visit our customer panel page here and fill in the questionnaire of information which takes a few minutes. Then, you'll receive an email to opt-in to the mailing list as we will communicate through email. You will then receive monthly emails which will contain surveys that will help with our research. Each time you take part in our research, you will receive points which will go towards a free pair of shoes or another reward.