On your feet: an interview with Dipna Anand

On your feet: an interview with Dipna Anand

On your feet: an interview with Dipna Anand

We’re lucky enough to have some pretty high profile chefs as fans of the WearerTech brand. This month, we speak to Dipna Anand, award-winning celebrity chef and co-owner of Brilliant Restaurant group about why she loves her WearerTech shoes and her life as a chef. 

How I got here

Being brought up in a family of chefs and restauranteurs automatically emerged the passion inside me for the food and hospitality industry. One thing led from another; my grandfather has passed on the recipes onto my father who then passed them onto me. So, Brilliant is about a legacy that is growing and growing day by day.

How I manage my work/life balance...

In the kitchen as a chef, it can get quite stressful and with the long working hours, you don’t know how long you are going to be in that kitchen, but when I get home, I do want to give myself that time and ensure that I look after myself. So, I do my little bit of exercise but my way of unwinding is a little bit of retail therapy… well… more than a little bit!

Why I chose WearerTech...

The reason I chose WearerTech is because for a chef it’s important to ensure you’re comfortable throughout the day. I’m on my feet a lot.

I’ve tried many shoe brands but WearerTech is definitely the most comfortable, consistent anM it’s great for pain relief.

My favourite WearerTech shoe...

All the WearerTech shoes are great, but my specific favourite has got to be the Energise.

My advice to all young chefs is...

There is no better industry, there are always rewards and there are always things that inspire you to do better and better. If you make one dish and it's amazing, you make sure that when you make it again, it's even better. The world of food is immense, and every day for me is a learning curve. One skill a chef definitely has to have is motivation, no matter what the challenge, I like to tackle it head on. 

The biggest challenge in the industry is...

One of the biggest problems in the hospitality and catering industry is staff retention and labour turnover has been an issue for many years. One way to tackle this issue, is offer your staff something that others don't offer and that is comfort at work. 

If you’re thinking about buying WearerTech’s you don’t have to think twice, it’s the best choice.