Rejuvenate Non-Slip Shoe For Women

Slip-resistant lightweight closed shoe for women
Like all WearerTech shoes, Rejuvenate has been developed to combine scientific research with customer feedback, to provide unbeatable comfort for hardworking feet. Exclusively designed for women. our popular slip-on shoe is available in a three colours, and in sizes ranging from 3 to 8. Its supportive foot shape features an ergonomically designed footbed and raised heel, to ease the pressure of long periods of standing and to help improve posture, while cutting-edge slip-resistant soles put safety first.

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Slip resistant soles 

Cutting-edge, super slip-resistant technology and puncture-resistant sole to reduce accidents

Supportive foot shape

Ergonomically designed footbed to ease the pressure of long periods of standing and help to improve your posture

Large toe box

Allows toes to sit naturally and comfortably within the shoe, with plenty of wiggle room

Shock-absorbing material

Reduces the impact and strain of every step

CE Marked
EN ISO 20347 Certification
Vegan-friendly material